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Our Story

Whimsy in nature is very appealing to me. Ever since I was a lad in Africa, I've been inspired by detail and clarity - the sharpness of a hornbill's eye, the curve of its beak, the fine hairs on a warthog's snout. I strove to put to paper the magic that was in the world around me. The heart of my stories came much later when I happened upon Fiji in my 20th year. Fijians are great story tellers and avid listeners, and I was always asked to prepare evening tales for the family I stayed with, particularly for the children. I still work closely with the friendships I forged in Fiji all those years ago, and I'm proud to collaborate with Mr. Waisiki Doughty who I've known for 37 years. The need to create whimscal artwork comes from a deep love of humanity. We are servants of beauty.

- Charles van Sandwyk

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